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Trial access


The trial access allows you to get an overview of the functions free of fees for 5 days.The driver and vehicle data is not visible in the telematics portal due to data protection. These are active vehicles and drivers, meaning that you can get a very accurate view.You can very easily insert your own driver and vehicle data and evaluate your data on the Tachodownload portal.Please note that if you do not activate your account on the web portal, the data will be deleted automatically after 5 days.


Explanation of the system:

The box permanently installed in the driver’s cab sends the vehicle’s position at adjustable intervals via GPS-DATA to the portal booked with us. telematik.tachodownload

In addition, the data is sent in legally required cycles to the tachodownload portal, which is also a good idea with new drivers.

You then have complete control over the vehicle location, the tachograph data and your driver. And all this without any manual effort.The download takes place to your personal login area via a chip card reader and a small, local software, authorised via a company card. Now you can view all evaluations and analyses from the comfort of your office: Vehicle locations are displayed on a Google map in your login area. You can plan tours and calculate trip times there.

Using the TCD app (Android and Apple) you can see the locations of your fleet on all end devices (desktop, tablet, mobile phone). If your dispatcher or warehouse operator receives access, he can also see when the vehicles arrive at the freight yard or at the customer.Data is not lost: Even when the ignition is off or the battery is disconnected, the integrated battery maintains the location of the vehicles for up to 24 hours – depending on the battery charge.

A driver and tachograph backup running in the background also ensures the legally required data storage (driver card 28 days, tachograph 92 days).In addition, you can view driving times and rest periods. The legally required obligation to report and to provide training to drivers is also integrated. You can use the system to create suitable forms.

Other advantages:

In addition, keep an eye on oil and fuel levels, as well as the temperature of each vehicle in the web+++ system. The prerequisite for this is an FMS/CAN interface.

You can compare drivers and vehicles with this additional data, and reduce fleet costs.

Join the live tracking of one of our customers for five days and experience the system in real operation.



Delivery contents

Activation of trial access from Access to the Telematik TCD App via Apple Store or Android Google Play

You will receive an email with your access data immediately.

0,00  for 5 days